Holding back, no longer

I’ve been holding back, thinking that the gym-goers wouldn’t want to go to yoga if there was ‘OMing’ involved or anything mildly spiritual. But somethings my teacher said Saturday, really hit home. Not doing those parts of class is like lying, or hiding part of yourself and part of the practice. Those are the things that make yoga yoga, and not just come crazy jumping … Continue reading Holding back, no longer

Teaching Kidz Yoga

I spent the weekend at a kids yoga teaching program for a local non-profit. It’s called Yoga Kidz and they take yoga classes to local elementary schools. These schools have built a yoga class right into their weekly schedule, which is great! The yoga teaches the kids so many great things, plus kids love to move, so why not sneak some great lessons into the … Continue reading Teaching Kidz Yoga

Vegan Cookies


Since I’ve been staying vegan, I’ve been researching and trying out new recipes. I’ve always been a huge fan of cookies, mainly chocolate chip cookies. They are probably the biggest reason that I started this program. Eating tons of badly processed cookies, does not make you feel good.

So when I found this recipe online, I had to try it. When you change your diet this much, you need to find reasons to stay with it. Feeling better is one reason, finding recipes to mimic foods you love is another. Continue reading “Vegan Cookies”

Leaving a job because it’s not the right one

My last day at the 40+ hour a week job was July 31st.

Work had been so stressful that I wasn’t enjoying it, I wasn’t enjoying life. Plenty of people I worked with, did love what they did there. For me, though, it wasn’t the right fit.

I woke up at 5am because I wanted to go to a yoga class before work. If I didn’t go then, I wouldn’t go at all, my back would hurt, and things would go downhill.

Continue reading “Leaving a job because it’s not the right one”