Aerial Yoga

Once a week my friend and I pile in the car and drive through the sometimes sketchy trailer park to eventually get to the yoga studio. Its only a yoga studio a couple days week and the rest of the time, its all about Karate.

Each session is 4 weeks long and goes over different aspects of circus arts. The first week started with aerial silk hammocks. Since ive been to a couple aerial yoga classes i understood goimg upside down. The first time i was scared to took a while to get me upside down. Second class I supprised myself and fliped right into the pose. Now its no problem. Its even helped a bit with my vinyasa practice.

This past Sunday was all about steel. Trapieze and Lyra. Both very different from cloth. Since ive done these two before I was expecting the pain and bruises that come. What I wasn’t expecting was that in only a month it was almost easy to lift my body weight into the air without sweating out my body weight like the last time. Huge difference.

Its amazing what the human body can accomplish when you put I. The effort to change your ways.

Split on Aerial Silks

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