Using Oil to Wash My Face


I’ve tried many different products fro my face. From chemical filled to simple and organic. I found that organic worked the best, but that is so expensive when you can only find it in a health food store and sometimes it left my skin really dry.

Recently I was searching around MindBodyGreen and found this recipe. It’s so simple. Two to three ingredients depending on your preference. Plus its cheap and makes your skin feel great.

I already had some organic olive oil, so I just had to get some castor oil at The Vitamin Shope.

I added a little lavender oil to mine to take the edge off the smell. Plus lavender is a good oil to remove bacteria. The first couple times I used it, I wasn’t sure if it was working. My face felt a little dry still. But after a few days it was great. I can easily tell when when I haven’t used it, which is often.

I would like to think that others notice the difference too, at least on days that I use this mixture! But chances are no one inspects my skin everyday.

So now the hardest, and most frustrating part of my facial cleansing routine is waiting for the water to get hot. I think I can live with that if it means my skin looks and feels great.

Check out the full article here,  Why You Should Wash Your Face With Oil.


Do you have any great skin care tips or products?


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