Don’t Think Yoga is For You?

Photo from YogaDork

When I tell someone that I do yoga the first response is usually “I could never do that”, “I’m not flexible enough for that”, “I don’t have any balance for that”, etc. Yoga isn’t about all of those things. At least not at first, over time however, you will gain all of that and more. When you first started playing an instrument, your first home cooked meals, your first art project or first football game, you may not have been that great. But as you practiced, you got better. Yoga is no different, although there is more sweat and weight loss than music, home cooking and art and less tackles than football!

Any time someone says that they will never be able to do yoga because of one of those excuses listed above (everyone makes up excuses for something, I make up excuses too) I want them to watch this video. This is just a trailer to the documentary Inspired: The Movie. If this man, who could not walk without braces and crutches can do yoga, anyone can do yoga. You just need time and instruction. The rest will come over time.

After five years of practice and training, Arthur Boorman, the man in this video, is a RYT 500hr yoga trainer. Checkout the interview that he had with YogaDork. YD Interview: Arthur Boorman, Disabled Vet Who Lost 140 Pounds and Gained His Life Back Through Yoga.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Think Yoga is For You?

  1. We loved that last smile. Go Arthur! Thank you for the inspirational video! (It’s helping me convince some of the other ladies in the office to join me at yoga!) So glad to hear how people have taken charge of their lives.
    -April w/Economy Dentistry

    1. So glad to hear you liked this post. I hope they do go with you! Its a great experience. After my first class I couldn’t wait to go again. Yoga has been a great addition to my life.

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