Human Connection in Social Media


After starting up Live Notorious, I started a twitter account for the site. If you’ve ever set one up, you know one of the first steps is to pick a few people or businesses that you would like to follow. I selected the yoga studio that I go to, expecting no more than to read some tweets from them and maybe see a link to a great yoga routine. However less then 24 hours later, I received a message thanking me for taking the time to follow them and that they hoped to see me in the studio soon.

While I know everyone at the studio is very friendly and welcoming, I was not expecting their social media to be as well. It was a really nice and unexpected gesture. So many companies have their own websites to promote with social media, that they tend to loose that human connection. Why grown your local business word-of-mouth, when you can just purchase some Google ads or post your pages up on some social media sites?

Social media is absolutely a great thing to do, you reach a much wider audience, especially in a large city. Taking the time to send a personal message, not automated, is a great way to make people feel more involved and like they matter to you and your company. Sometimes that can make all the difference in if they come back, refer a friend or never show up again.

Have you noticed any nice gestures like this one recently that helped make a decision about a company recently?


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