Baron Baptiste photo from his site

Barron Baptiste: All Day Immersion

Baron Baptiste Photo from his site
Photo from

In only four weeks Barron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, will be coming to Charleston. He’ll spend the day teaching students of all levels, vinyasa yoga. The All Day Immersion will be a great way to learn yoga for the first time yogis and long time students alike.

Imagine an entire day spent with a great teacher showing you the best way into each pose and a completely new way of life. Once you attend this course, you will be changed.

I plan on attending, and can’t wait for that day to arrive. While I’ve been practicing yoga for almost two years, and I’m sure others in the low country have been doing yoga a lot longer, we will all be learning a lot from his teachings.

If you have not yet begun practicing yoga, I would strongly suggest any program from Baptiste. If you are lucky enough to have a program taught by Baptiste himself in your area, its a great opportunity you should take advantage of while you can.

Have any of you been to a program of his yet?

Find an All Day Immersion in your area. 


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