I’m addicted…


To food that is, or maybe its just the sugars present in most of the foods we consume. Who isn’t addicted to that these days? All those colorful adds telling you how amazing you’ll look and feel after you eat this or drink that. (surprise, you’re actually eat a ton of  sugar!)

We are constantly bombarded by colors and questions and positive statements pointing us toward certain foods. Before you know it you’re looking for the most colorful box on the shelf. One that claims to help you loose weight in days or give you the prescribed amount of fiber in one bowl. Why would you buy anything else? Why would stop eating it?

So I guess what I’m really addicted to is all the colors in the advertising. Its what they do, and man are they good at their job!

Stop and think about it. Do you really need colorful cereal, odd shaped nuggets or 3 layers of questionable beef???


You need color for sure, and lots of it. But get that color from fruits and veggies, not red dye and fun packaging. Go play UNO if you find yourself picking up a box with a game on the back of it!

Fruit doesn’t advertise but it still has plenty of color and fun shapes, just like products with lots of advertising. With fruit you have so many more options of how to eat it, or what to make with it. There’s only one way to eat something processed.

Pick up some fruit and know that there isn’t much out there that is better for you to be eating.


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