Speak with conviction, to say what you believe

I implore you, I entreat you, and I challenge you, to speak with conviction, to say what you believe, in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it.

A coworker sent this video around to everyone today. It’s from years ago, but it reminded me of teacher training and certainly still applies today. When you’re teaching, you need conviction. People need to feel that you care, that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re passionate about it.

Can you imagine walking into class expecting to have a positive and energizing way to start your day, but instead you get this:

ok, like lets start in childs pose, you know toes together. k, raise your hips up you know, for uh down dog ya know?

That sounds like a horrible class!

I know that I’m a big offender when it comes to saying “like” and “you know”. It’s something that I have to work on. (ya know?)

Speech by Taylor Mali. Animation by Ronnie Bruce.

Would you agree with this? How many of you talk like this all the time?


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