Teacher Training: Week Three

Its amazing what happens when you are so tired you just don’t fight. I found that out this weekend. I was exhausted, worn out, stiff, sore and just wanted to sleep.

But guess what?

5:00pm, Sunday night, power vinyasa, 75 minutes. I felt pretty awesome afterward. I was more awake, calmer, less stiff, and managed to stay awake through an entire movie after it all!

Before class I wondered how many child’s poses I would end up in (anyone say shavasana class??). But hf way through the class while in standing splits, I realized, the only child’s pose taken was the one called at the start of class!

I was so tired I stopped thinking! What a crazy thought! And by not thinking I didn’t struggle, didn’t fidget, didn’t give up and ended up feeling amazing!

Of course not thinking also means things could get bad! Like not using any resources available. When we were assisting each other the master assistant (think she’ll like that title, master assistant?) could have been dancing a jig and I would have kept right on going giving my hesitant so-so (aka bad) assists.

I never knew my muscles could sting. Is that even normal?! I guess I’ll accept it since I can tell I’m getting stronger. A few days before the weekend I did my first unassisted wheel! Howdy to the new muscles I have never met before!

After an inversions workshop, I am closer to doing a handstand then ever before too. Whattt? Me upside down? That’s crazy. I’m the kind of person who limes both feet placed firmly on the ground. So switching to my hands is difficult to say the least.

The first day of training I said “I’m ready to let go of my fear of going upside down”.

Well here is the opportunity. I learner aloft of great tips and tricks. Now I just have to practice! Bye bye Tv!

And of course what would teacher training be without lots of sweat? Or the sweaty stories that go with. Ever had an assistant drip their sweat on your face? Gross. I’m happy to say that’s never happened to me and I have not done that to anyone else (yet). But there are still 4 weekends to go. Plenty of time to drip sweat!


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