Teacher Training : Week Four

You know you love what you’re doing when you are sore and tired but keep on doing it anyway with a smile on you’re face.

The last couple of weeks have been difficult. At some point during most things I do, I find myself giving up. Telling myself things like, “you suck”, “why should I bother?” and “I’ll never be good at this.” So I just give up on that idea, and go off to find my next brilliant idea that’s going to transform me and make me the happiest person alive. Of course that’s never the case, because you have to find that happiness within. That’s where I was with yoga teaching. So I didn’t practice.

At all.


But I would like to think that this weekend was a turning point for me. Not only did I go to class, I told my fellow yogis about my experiences and found that I am not alone in those thoughts. As it turns out, many people have those ideas, especially when trying something new and digging deeper into emotional stuff. Its good to just notice that that’s what you do first and if you’re ready to accept that you don’t suck at everything, to keep going and not give up. I am ready to do that with yoga. To keep going to classes and eventually teach.

My second time teaching a real class was much easier. I wouldn’t say I was at ease yet, but it felt much more comfortable than the first time I taught. Even though I stumbled over a few words, I wasn’t as nervous, and the words flowed a bit better. Of course I went from hiding in a corner to pacing around the room, but you can’t be perfect all the time!

And by the time the weekend was over, our awesome teacher said I had improved a lot!


There I was shaping the listening for everyone, getting them excited and moving. We were all tired and probably a bit delirious, but I got them into wheel and other back bends to complete the weekend.

A couple of our teachers were at the Level One Training with Baron helping out and taking classes. After hearing about the experiences they had with baron, I’m thinking that would be an amazing opportunity. Plus its usually a trip to a nice location like Hawaii, although after doing that much yoga, I’m sure I would be more interested in a nap than sight seeing.

A yoga teacher has the power to inspire.

I have the power to inspire. To motivate. To empower.

… and to finish the next three weekends, to become RYT 200.


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