Volunteer Night at the Hope Lodge

The other night my fellow teacher trainees and I cooked dinner at the local hope lodge.

Hope lodge is a place for cancer patients to stay while going through chemo treatments. Who wants to drive 40+ miles to see the doctor everyday?? I know I don’t. And someone going through chemo certainly does not want to be doing that all the time. So Hope Lodge provides a place to stay, complete with home cooked meals, entertainment and a place for caregivers to stay.

People like us, yoga trainees (or any other group), go in and volunteer our time and cooking skills to provide good meals.

We made tacos since it was a favorite there. It was such a simple meal but the way their faces light up when they started to dig in, you would have thought it was Thanksgiving dinner!

Everyone started eating and talking to each other like old pals. They were so welcoming and thankful to have a good meal. They all had stories to tell and I feel honored to be part of their stay.

If you are near a hope lodge, gather some friends, coworkers or whatever community you are part of and volunteer one night to cook some food! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, they will still appreciate the food and the company as you sit and eat with them.

You can find more information about hope lodge here.

The Charleston Hope Lodge.


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