Baron Baptiste All Day Immersion Day!


An entire day with Baron, how awesome is that! Learning from the founder of Power Yoga.

For me the morning was a battle. I was constantly fighting against what he was saying, which happened to be about giving up the fight against growing. It didn’t help that my wrists were sore and I couldn’t figure out how to make them feel better.

The last part of the morning did go pretty well though. All I could think about was lunch, after a 4 hour yoga class, but I kept on going to do the last part. Which was…..

Whoa! Handstands! We did an exercise with a partner to get into a handstand. I’ve only done this once and there was a nice wall for me there. Not today though. My only wall was a older woman from another affiliate studio (don’t let the word older fool you, she’s been practicing longer than I have and is stronger than me too).

I got on my hands lifted a leg, which she held up so that I could push into that to lift my other leg. And hello handstand! Shortly followed by hello floor! The thin carpet didn’t help any, but at least it wasn’t just cold concrete.

By the afternoon things were going much better. I had a good meal in me, been able to talk about the rough morning with a friend and got back on track.

At the end of the day I had learned a lot and am so glad I took the risk of going. If you get the chance to go, you should too.

Now its on to the next program. Art of Assisting perhaps?


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