Teacher Training: Week Seven, the final week

teacher trainies

There have been some amazing experiences throughout the seven weeks, but nothing would have prepared me for the last weekend. I would never have imagined that I would have come this far or changed so much. I don’t really mean change, I’m not a new person, I am just a new version of me. Ashley 2.0. The me that was always there, just not in public. The me in my head.

Who knew that she could come out and make an appearance in the world?

I wont go into to much detail here. I hope that you do a teacher training if you are ready, so I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Cause boy was it a surprise!

If I had known what was coming, I probably wouldn’t have had so much of a change. When something catches you off guard in the moment, you have no time to think about it, or figure out a way to protect yourself from it and therefore you make the changes you need to.

Sometime it really doesn’t sink in right away. By the time I went to work the next morning, it was starting to sink In though. Really, really sink in. To the point where all I was doing was sitting at my desk, crying, instead of doing work.

Now I know.

Never go to work the day after teacher training. On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t have set in if I hadn’t gone to work.

Even though this is the end of training, this is really only the beginning. We may each go down our separate roads, but it can only get better from here. Whether you teach, assist, or just work on your own practice, its a growing experience that will never truly end.


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