Teaching My First Classes

Got my first teaching job a couple weeks ago. It was amazing! I hadn’t been teaching for a while, continuing to think that I needed more practice before actually teaching real people. I had a plan to keep teaching coworkers in my kitchen….

Not happening. I hadn’t taught anyone since training.

I just needed to go out and jump right in. So I found a Craigslist add looking for a yoga teacher, wrote my resume and 2 days later walked into the gym asking for a job. The man told me to come back later that day and do a trial class. Even with a bit of nerves and some other teachers in the running,  the job was mine by the end of the day!

I now have one class a week on Monday evenings.

My first class, I was a little nervous, only one girl was there. I figured they wouldn’t want me back and the girl wouldn’t like the class.

At the last minute a coworker and a friend who went through teacher training with me came in and put me at ease. With three people in the class, I was used to it, since I had been able to fit that many in my kitchen classes!

That saying, “fake it, till you make it” seems to still apply. I plan the whole class out and then as soon as I start, it all slips away and only some comes back here and there. I just take a deep breath with them and make something up, they don’t know the difference and I can still make it through the class. It will all come with time.

My first two classes have had three students, all of whom have been happy and sweating in the end.

I’m excited to keep teaching and getting more than my single Monday class. I would say sometimes, the best way to try something, is to just jump right in, don’t wait until you think you’re ready. You’re ready right now!


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