What happened to relaxed?

“Half Pigeon” calls the teacher towards the end of class.

Cue the fidgeting, the to-do list and the ‘oh no’s’.

Lets just say half pigeon isn’t my favorite place to be. Recently it has gotten better for me, but still, not a pose I love.

This morning I went to a yoga class and the class went great. (I even did pigeon on both sides, yay!) After class was a different story. The main way to get  to class had had heavy traffic for hours and everyone on the radio was giving out a different way to get out of town. So naturally, that’s the way I took. No one wants to sit in traffic. Much to my dislike, the detour was just as bad, if not worse.

As I sat there in traffic, I was ok, singing along to the radio, thinking about what I would do when I got home, etc. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t angry, I was just there. Traffic doesn’t last forever, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Half an hour later, things started to speed up! It was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get home and eat some lunch before my afternoon activities.

And 5 minutes later, we’re back to 30mph on the highway. No more light at the end, we were back in the middle of the dark tunnel.

This time, I was angry and frustrated. Since the traffic had gotten back to speed, I figured I would be home in 10 minutes at the most. Once we slowed down, I lost hope that I would make it before the afternoon hit.

After getting home and thinking about this situation, it reminded me of many poses in yoga, for me it’s pigeon. We do one side, staying clam, relaxing into it and not fidgeting. Then we get to the other side and it feels like we are there forever, even though we are there the same amount of time, if not less.

When the light at the end of the tunnel, disappears, we start fidgeting, thinking about the to-do list, giving the evil eye to the teacher, whatever we can to just not think about how we’re back in a place we don’t like.

We forget that it doesn’t last forever. It’s really only around 10-15 seconds.

Do you have a pose or situation that you find yourself fidgeting every time you get there? What do you do when you realize?


3 thoughts on “What happened to relaxed?

  1. “The yoga pose that you avoid the most is what you need the most.”
    One of my instructor-friend told me this during my first years of practicing yoga. I went through several: from prayer twists to Garudasana to Utthita Hasta Padangustana and so on. All because I had hamstrings issue that I was ignoring and self-diagnosing myself having only tight hamstrings. But tight as they are, I ignored to have it professionally taken care of. And when I started seeing my chiro… guess what he wanted me to do for stretching?? 😉

    There are worse days; and there are good days in our poses. And I don’t think of the time anymore why the poses seem held forever. Somehow I was able to switch the thoughts telling me: Ohhh, my body sooo need this!!

    Namaste. =)

    1. Wow, I never made that connection before. I’ve heard many of my teachers say that before too, but always looked at it from mental side, not the physical side. Being able to breathe in an uncomfortable spot or situation.

      Before I found yoga, my Chiro had me doing half pigeon on my back, of course I didn’t know that that’s what it was until a while after I had started yoga.

      Thanks for sharing!

      1. I know!! The connection doesn’t happen right away because we are used to the mind dictating us. Eventually, we learn to listen to our bodies. And we can then shush the mind. Allowing both mental and physical come as one.

        My Chiro doesn’t even do yoga. I shake my head at him every visit. 😉

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