Bring on the shiny hair!

All I can say is wow! What shiny hair I have!

I ditched the traditional shampoo for some kitchen supplies.

Kitchen supplies??

Yes, I went to my kitchen for some baking soda and Apple Cyder Vinegar. Baking soda to rub into my scalp, and the vinegar to condition.

My hair was softer and shiner than normal as soon as it started to dry. I was worried about smell, but honestly I couldn’t smell it at all. That could be that I grew up giving horses vinegar baths, but I think it was because it just wasn’t there. The next day when I went to yoga class and started sweating, I could smell it a bit, so I may just need to rinse my hair more after putting the vinegar in.

Who knew I had a glimmer of copper in my hair?

Ok, ok, its not that dramatic. But still, there is a difference. I’ll absolutely be using this again. It probably wont be everyday since it takes longer than your regular bottle of shampoo, it is a nice change in routine though.

The $100 question, is will my husband put up with the smell while it’s drying?

Check out the recipe and more information here at MindBodyGreen.

Do any of you have great alternative hair care products?


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