Collection of Paintings

Igniting your Inspiration…again: Part 1 – Painting

1. Stormy Skies; 2. Lonely Ride; 3. Pink Skies; 4. Painted Desert

I have always loved art, and just loved doing things. There is always something that I’m working on here and there to keep me busy. After going to an art school, for web design, nothing to do with painting, I started to enjoy painting. While at school, I didn’t really know why I had to take painting and drawing classes to build a web site. Now I’m grateful for those classes.

Since I always have something going on, something always gets neglected in the corner to collect the local dust bunnies.

Lately, that has been my paintings, 2 in the closet, 1 in a art bag, 1 on the easel.

I had no inspiration to keep going with them. They sat there, I would stare at them trying to figure out how to move forward. I was just plain stuck, which is how most of my projects get put to the side.

Sunday night, my husband and I spent some time with friends. Their daughter was painting her own pictures while telling her mom and I what to paint for her. A simple enough task, paint a jelly fish or a butterfly. However for a perfectionist (when it comes to painting, the reason that I get stuck) everything has to look perfect, just like I had taken a photo. That perspective on art turns a simple task into a very daunting one.

I painted away anyway, with blue and pinks and white at what seemed to be a jelly fish, although not at all what I saw in my head.

The thing is, when I finished, the jelly fish didn’t look like a picture, not even close. It looked like I had spent 10 minutes on it, which is the truth.

Did that matter to her? Of course not. She loved it. The imagination of a child told her it was a jelly fish and it included her favorite color, pink. That’s all that mattered.

The next day, I sat down in front of that canvas, dusted it off and started painting. Before I knew it, hours had passed and I was almost done!

I took a quick lunch break, came back to it and finished up the last details in no time!

All it took for me to finish it was some inspiration from an unexpected place telling me to let go and not worry if it looked like a photo.

Be on the look out for your inspiration. It could be anywhere.

What are some unexpected places that you have found inspiration?


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