Igniting your Inspiration…again: Part 2 – Web Design

1. My first structured layout, sometime during High School; 2. Also made back in High School, this is a banner for a horse website I was going to create for 4.H’ers; 3. Another High School project, this one was for my other love, rock music, to give updates and info, along with teach music; 4. This one was a finished website for a company i worked for after High School; 5. My own personal web designing site, hopefully it will be up and running again soon; 6. Smaller snapshot of that same site, just a way to let people know about my updates.

I actually really like designing, but I haven’t finished a web site in a while. Like the paintings, I tinker around until I’m not sure where to go next. Then it just sits…. for quite a while.

Like the new layout for this blog that I had started to design a while ago. I still don’t have my own layout, which seems a bit silly for a web designer to not have her own layout designed.

Long ago, back in the early high school days, my goal was to put out an online equine magazine. Combining my love for horses and web design. While I did some designing back then, that was the only part I liked, I would design and redesign again. Never getting around to writing the content. Now its the other way around, writing all the time, never getting to get design. Funny how things change!

I’m not sure what reminded me of this idea I had so long ago. If it was writing this article, or something else I had seen, I’m not sure, but I hadn’t thought about it in a very long time.

I’m not writing a magazine on horses, but I am writing a blog about another passion of mine. Something that I never thought I would do, get to the writing part. Now I just need to finish the design! The idea of the magazine I had long ago just might be that push to get me going!


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