Why Talk Yourself Out?

During Teacher Training, I realized that after a while, I just give up. I talk myself out of a project or commitment, give reasons as to why there is no need to finish. When I start, I think it’s the greatest idea ever! I think that it’s a awesome project that I will start and finish up in no time and it will be beautiful! But guess what, after getting into, it starts to loose its appeal. Before long, I’ll haven given up.

Ok, I guess I’ve always known this, but I’ve given the excuse, that if I was truly passionate about it, I would finish it. And if I didn’t finish, I didn’t really care about. I believed that one day, my dream job would just jump into my lap and I would live happily ever after.

What a frustrating way to think! Why would you want to assume that you weren’t passionate about something just because you didn’t finish it? And why wait for a dream job to just appear? It’s probably been sitting in front of you the whole time, waiting for you to take notice and follow through.

So the first question is, are you inspired by the project or the commitment you made? I’m not saying give up now and never look back if you aren’t, you should still finish what you started. But what’s the reason that you took this on? Is it something you want to continue to peruse? Or is it a project you want to finish, and not start again?

A friend said to me one day during teacher training:

You don’t talk yourself out of anything your passionate about.

And for the most part this is true, I find a way to bring that passion into what I do, but I certainly have my doubts along the way. Those little questions pop up in my head like “I’m horrible at this”, “I will never be good at this”, “Why bother, I can’t do it”, etc.

But don’t let those pesky little questions get to you! Keep going, maybe you need to ask for advice, take a step back, or learn a bit more about the project. And that’s ok.

I found this video in my inbox earlier this week and thought it went well with this topic. Tips for finding the follow through for any project that you have passion for. Maybe that passion isn’t around to say ‘hello’ today, but you can’t wait for the end result and you will be proud when you are done!

This is from Marie Forleo, and her blog marieforleo.com


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