You Are Just A Reflection

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I found this quote and could immediately understand the growling dogs side of things. When I found this, I was at work, not my favorite place to be, simply because its not the job for me. Each day I go in to work wishing I worked somewhere else and each day I leave angry, frustrated and tired. (Sometimes I do probably sound like I’m growling)

My desk is like the room of mirrors. As I sit there, I see anger and frustration in everyone. The more I see it, the angrier I get. But at what point am I only seeing my own anger and frustration in others? Is it really the others that are making me angry, or could it be that I am the angry one making those around me upset?

I want so badly to be the happy dog. I figure, oh when this customer is gone, I’ll be happy, or when I reach this date, I’ll be happy, or when I get a new job, I’ll be happy.

Will I really be? Or will it just be another room full of mirrors for me to wander?

While I know that my current job isn’t the one for me now, I need to realize that it may not be the other people making me angry, and that sometimes, what I see is just a reflection of myself.


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