To Go To school or Not To Go To School

That is the question.

I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of going back to school or not, several times. It always comes back to the question of is this what I actually what I want to do? Or would I just be spending money, senselessly for another degree that won’t be used for my main income. Is it really because that’s what I want to do for work, or because I just like learning new things and can’t seem to find a job doing what I really love.

Would it be a tool to avoid the working life that I’ve come to know the last few years, or an actual career that I will love. I want a job that I can go to every day and love, I just don’t know what that is yet. While I want to take the leap and pick something, I don’t want to pick wrong.

I’ve thought of going back to school for bachelors in web design, since I already have an Associates. I’ve thought of going for Vet Tech, all the way to equine vet. The latest thought, is something like nutrition, or physical training to compliment my yoga teaching.

If I did go back to school, I’d go online, so that I could still work. Which then changes the question to, will I actually put the effort into it and the follow through. It’s always been a big issue for me. At each stage in my life I would make an excuse. In middle school it was, oh I’ll be more organized in high school, and in high school it was, oh I’ll do better in college, when I actually pick out what i want to do.

That didn’t work.

There would always be another reason, why I wouldn’t study harder, or do my homework on time. At some point I will need to simply settle down and just do the work.

That is, once I find the job I want to study for.

Have any of you gone back to school? If you are also a yoga teacher would you go back for another degree to compliment that?


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