What Is Success?

Is it a fancy new suit for your desk job? Is it having a 1000 clients? Having a blog that makes money? Earning your first $1000, first $100,000? Is it served on a shiny platter, or do you have to work 80 hours a week?

It’s different for everyone, even though I don’t think its served on a shiny platter. That would just be weird!

My previous job required me to clean stalls, clean water buckets, feed horses, ducks, and cats. I didn’t make much money, but every morning, I got to see the sun rise, the mist come off the grass and work with amazing creatures. After months of working there, I got an offer to work at a sit down job with a huge increase in pay.

Since I had graduated college, I thought that success was the first job offer that came along. I thought that more money, sitting down, working on a computer was success. So, I stopped working at the barn.

I thought that for success in the blogging world, I had to have multiple bloggers, and be more business like in my posts. So, I tried to take out the ‘I’s and personal level.

Who says that either of those things are success? Why does one need the job with the highest pay, the cold, impersonal attitude?

Is that really success? Maybe if I am more personal, share more of my interests, besides just yoga, I could call it a success. Perhaps if I have a job, regardless of pay, that I am happy at, I could call it success.

What is your version of success?


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