Showing off your Yoga

When yoga is a process of looking in to yourself, why is it so popular to take pictures of yourself doing difficult yoga poses? I found this article on Yoga Journal, Yoga Photo trend.

I myself, not more than two weeks ago had my phone in class during a handstand workshop hoping to catch a picture of myself upside down.

Of course I didn’t get that picture, because guess what I was focusing on. I was more worried about getting up and staying up in my first handstand than I was about trying to get a picture to prove that I had done it.

In reality I had someone helping me get up and a wall to support me once I was there. Why would I want to get a picture of that? Why is it so important that I show my world of friends what I can do when the picture would speak louder than the actual act of having someone help me onto a wall.

If I practice enough, I could just show them in person someday. That isn’t important though either, someone who can do a handstand is not better than someone who can not. We each have our own practice that is perfect for us. It is always changing, but it shouldn’t change because someone else can do something we can’t

That being said, I am all for promoting yoga in many ways. While I’m sure that showing off some incredible poses, would discourage some people, some may be intrigued. It may be the challenge that they are looking for at that time.

When they start yoga, they may just be starting because they want to do a handstand, flying pigeon or scorpion, and as they work toward those goals they will find real meaning in yoga.

What is your take on this matter? Do you think its good or bad to post such pictures?


2 thoughts on “Showing off your Yoga

  1. I like to take pictures at times. I enjoy seeing my progress right there in front of me. I can feel it in my body but it shows me that all the hard work does get you somewhere and that’s been a huge and very real lesson I’ve used off the yoga mat that I definitely learned on the yoga mat.
    I also enjoy instagram challenges once in a while. It creates a little community. Some people don’t believe that the internet is a good form of community, however I find it a way to connect with people, however superficially. I have made deep connections with people over the internet who I have never and most likely will never meet.
    I also do show off occasionally. I feel like that is human. And it feels nice to be good at something and be proud of it and share that with others… Even if that isn’t super yogic.

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