Trying Something New: Part 2

Friday I went Paddle Boarding for the first time! It was an amazing experience. Just like my first power yoga class, its one of those things where I’m hooked. I can’t wait to go again. Since it is a slightly more expensive class to go to, I probably won’t be going as often as I did when I started yoga classes, but still, I know I’ll be out there again, its just a matter of when.

We started out sitting down, just getting used to the water, like I had thought, it was very calm, so the only movement was me wobbling trying to find balance. But I stood up pretty quickly and got the hang of it. Surprisingly  it was rather stable once I got my footing.

We paddled out for a while, and stopped on a dock, to do some yoga. I had already gotten my exercise for the day from paddling there, so I was pretty happy that the class was shorter than a regular power class! The breeze there and the sound of the water made it quite refreshing.

After unsuccessfully paddling against the wind, and by unsuccessful, I mean we were paddling but not going anywhere, we headed back in.

It was time for some yoga moves on the boards! I figured for my first time, I really wouldn’t get anywhere, but tried anyway. At that point the water was only a couple feet deep, so even my lack of swimming skills wasn’t an issue. I was able to do vinyasa, along with side crow in open water and with the nose of the board in the sand, for minimal rocking, was able to do my favorite pose, half moon. Even tried flip dog in open water.

Can’t wait to go out again!

Check out Charleston Paddle Expeditions for more info on their classes and check out Katie’s class Friday mornings!


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