I’ve completed the training, gotten a job, now what?

Teacher training is over, but the journey is just beginning.

Journey. Such a scary word when I am about to quit my job!

I got the job teaching 1 class a week at a gym, that was easy. I walked right in and said “I’m a yoga teacher.” No problem. It’s been harder to actually bring in the people and get regulars. I’ve had coworkers show up, and a friend or two show up. Which is great! It can sometimes be hard to teach friends and be serious about it, yoga by no means has to be serious, but when you’re with friends, you usually end up falling on the floor in a fit of giggles.

I’ve always had the picture in my head that I would own my own business. Growing up in a household where the heads of house owned a business (aka, grandma and grandpa), had more of an affect on me that I had realized then. I didn’t really think about it then, but seeing my grandmother be able to spend time with her family, taking care of the house, and run a business to support the family, must be where I ended up with the idea as well.

I can remember reading a book on starting a business, of personalized pet gifts, while playing with dolls and trucks. I would say the desire to have my own business started pretty early on, along with the desire to learn from books.

Granted, teaching yoga, will mean I’m not actually at the house all the time, but I would still be supporting it. At least in my head, thats the plan. Having the idea to start a business teaching yoga, and actually making money from it are two different things. My mom ran the horse side of the business that my grandparents had, and as every horse person knows, if you want to make a small fortune, you must start with a large fortune. I expect yoga, is not much different. At the very least, that small fortune takes a very long time to create.

As much as I do want to teach on my own, I also want to find a home in another studio, one that focuses on yoga and is able to provide me with feedback. You are always learning, and I want to be able to learn and grow with a great team, to be able to inspire people to come to their mats and grow.

I might know the basic sequence of poses and know my yamas, my nyamas, etc, but becoming an amazing teacher, needs more than just book work. It needs inspiration of other teachers, helping me and each other to greatness.

Which brings me back to my first question. Now what? How do I take the next step? Finding a studio that really understands yoga, learning about business and growing a client base.

Have any of you started your own business?


5 thoughts on “I’ve completed the training, gotten a job, now what?

  1. Hi Ashley. It is hard to get in people to fill a class, especially it’s summer. I do have two suggestions before you venture into your own business.

    Marketing. Promote the class you have now. Once you gain followers, it’ll give you a boost to set up your own business when you’re ready. When you can hack the marketing strategies and exhausted your efforts on it, reflect and ask yourself: Can you do this on your own when you have your business? Right now, marketing your class is with the help of the gym you wok for.

    Private Classes. This is already a business on your own. In fact, you need to file for it when tax season comes. There are lots of mechanics involved doing private classes. I’m sure this is discussed during YTT. And you’ll find yourself thinking even beyond what the YTT has given you. Have you gotten yourself your own insurance? You would need this when you begin the privates. You may be insured right now with the gym, but outside its facility, you have to protect yourself.

    Start with that. And let us know how it goes.
    Namaste. =)

    1. Thank you! That is a lot of great information. At this point I have not done much advertising for the class, depending mostly upon the gym. I’ll try out my own advertising and see how many regulars I can get.

  2. The next step is mostly trial and error, but Maia is right. Start with marketing (SOCIAL MEDIA), networking, privates and don’t forget about the dirty details (YA membership, insurance/liability, CPR/AED certification). I just followed you on FB and Twitter feel free to follow back – most of what I talk about is Business of Yoga related. 🙂

    I’ve been working on a blog post for a while “WTF to do after you finish your RYT” You may just have given me the boost to polish it off and hit publish!

    Good Luck!

    1. I would love to read your new post when its ready! And after reading your post on facebook and social media, I think I’m ready to make my own page for yoga to start those private lessons and get the word out.

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