Going Vegan for 2 weeks

Last Thursday, I met with a local vegan coach, Cortney. I had gone vegetarian before, but since then I’ve gone back to many of my old ways.

Back then, I really didn’t have any idea how to not eat meat. Instead of the usual question of “Where do you get your protein?” it was “You’re a vegetarian, who doesn’t like vegetables?”

I didn’t eat meat, stopped drinking milk, but I didn’t really start to eat veggies or much fruit. That means, lots of grilled cheese, mac and cheese, Alfredo, and other types of pasta that also contained cheese ingredients. Not to mention the boxed frozen meals, the boxes of cookies, and chips.

So this time around, I wanted to do it right. No milk, no cheese, no eggs, no meat, less pasta, and more fruit and veggies. As I realized in my evaluation, I can go for days without fruit or veggies. Not a good thing for ones health.

After only a few days, I am starting to feel amazing! I feel just as great when I’m heading off to bed as I do when I’m just getting up. The diet that I had been consuming made me feel awful by 10 or 11am. So this is some change! A much more noticeable change, than the first time I tried going vegetarian.

The first day I made some goals, including the goal of going vegan, not just vegetarian, thinking that it would be the hardest of goals. The surprising result, is that it really wasnt the hardest.

The third day, my husband really wanted a milk shake, knowing that he wasn’t on the same diet as me meant I really didn’t mind if he had one or not. But a milkshake? I wanted one too! What was the harm in having just one thing that wasn’t vegan? Turns out that was my husband saying ‘no’. He didn’t want me to just give up on something that I had told him I really wanted to do. So we went out, he got his milkshake, I made a smoothie at home, and that was it. No more cravings for milkshakes or anything else non-vegan.

I was not tempted even with one of my friends wanting chicken for dinner and making chocolate lava cake with ice cream for desert. No desire for either thing. I can’t guarantee the same results if there had been bacon involved! Ha.

One week to go, and then who knows, maybe I’ll just continue on this way!

Has anyone else recently gone vegan or found a great recipe?



2 thoughts on “Going Vegan for 2 weeks

    1. Thank you! I hope you do try again. It’s been great! I love trying out new recipes and foods I’ve never had before. Check out the book Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran. That’s what I’ve been reading as part of the program.

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