Vegan Cookies


Since I’ve been staying vegan, I’ve been researching and trying out new recipes. I’ve always been a huge fan of cookies, mainly chocolate chip cookies. They are probably the biggest reason that I started this program. Eating tons of badly processed cookies, does not make you feel good.

So when I found this recipe online, I had to try it. When you change your diet this much, you need to find reasons to stay with it. Feeling better is one reason, finding recipes to mimic foods you love is another.

While it doesn’t taste like my grandmothers cookies, it still tastes pretty sweet. Next time, I will probably use some dark chocolate, instead of cacao nibs. The nibs made it pretty bitter. I know chocolate isn’t totally vegan, but for me, its close enough. Sometimes you just need something sweet.

The recipe was really easy to make. I even had all of the ingredients in my house except for the nibs. I think I got a little to much maple syrup in it though, because I couldn’t make it into the cookie dough balls the recipe calls for. I just spread it out in a covered container and you use a spoon to eat it. Still tastes goo though.

I know I said that it doesn’t taste like grandmothers cookies, but it really tastes closer to hers than I was expecting.

If you have some time to whip up a quick snack and are looking for something sweet, try this one out. Healthy No-Bake Cookie Dough.

Have you tried any good vegan cookie recipes like this one?


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