The Case of the Killer Sugar

For a week and a half I haven’t had any refined cane sugar. I’ve had agave, maple syrup, and regular sweet fruit. But nothing more. I wanted to get over my sugar cravings that I had while I was working all the time. And going vegan did that, but the killer sugar made sure of it. After Tuesday night, I don’t want to see sugar again!

I have been promising friends a completely vegan chocolate cake. So Tuesday night we had some free time to make it. Very simple recipe from the book main street vegan.

30 minutes later we had a cake. I hadn’t made any frosting, but we found a jar of frosting in the fridge made without animal products. We put some of that on to top it off.

Looked amazing. Tasted really good too. Half way through I couldn’t eat any more frosting, it was too sweet. I am not usually one to leave frosting on the plate. I’m the one that scrapes the plate clean.

By the time I got home my heart was racing and I had a bad stomach ache. I know that this is what I used to feel when on a sugar rush, I was just numb to it. It took some cookies and a soda to get my heart racing and it wasn’t usually enough to make me sick.

I go a week and a half without processed sugar though, and it took me out. I was still feeling awful the next day. Hang over by food.

I’m a quick learner, and one night feeling like that was enough to teach a lesson.

I can not imagine actually feeling the sugar rush I used to have everyday from cookies, candy, soda, etc. Its amazing it took less than 2 weeks to detox from it all.

If you have removed processed sugar from your diet what did it do for you? And if you haven’t, I challenge you to go for two weeks, even just a week without and see what the amazing effects are.


5 thoughts on “The Case of the Killer Sugar

  1. Takes at least 3 weeks to break a habit. For heavy habit dwellers, it may take six. Your two weeks mean you’re on the snoother road. I think it’s a matter of the taste buds and intestines to get used without them, whether sugar or sodium. Or for those trying to go vegan who lusts for meat. Even for smokers. Keep yourself on the road. You’re doing wonders for your body.

    Sometimes I wake up and I have this nasty cravings for anything sweet. Like even before coffee! Think it’s something to do with hormones, that’s what my doctor said. Another reason, aside from habits, we need to look after.
    Namaste. =)

    1. It’s been unbelievable how little I have craved during these two weeks. Although, I’m sure I would have had more cravings, had I been around the vending machines my last job had. Walking past those everyday would have been hard to break my habit.

      1. That’s awesome, Ashley! I don’t get those cravings much either but when I do, it drives me nuts!! Think the last chocolates I had were sometime last March or April. A girl from work was selling chocolates for fundraising in her kid’s school. I ate them for two days in a row. Really gorging. By that weekend, I was sick. Like my bathroom could have have been my bedroom. It took a week or so for my digestion and nausea to come to an ebb. We are what we eat, no? So when we are not too careful by what we consume, it comes back in payback.

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