Out of your element

I got hired at another local gym Thursday. Today was my first day teaching, filling in for someone else. The class was a basic Ashtanga class. Not my element. My third Ashtanga class is the one I’m teaching!

I got to class early to learn the sequence. While the poses may be the same or similar to the power yoga sequence, the order is different. There are a lot of extra seated poses as well. I was able to at least follow most of the sequence from a book left in class.

30 minutes into class and I’m lost. Not so much lost as wondering how I got through most of the sequence already.

Queue the improv!

I got through the class just fine and no one even knew. They were just happy for the yoga. Since its ashtanga, you seem to go from seated to standing or vinyasa several times throughout class, so what I did was actually more normal than I had thought.

Getting out of my element, aka comfort zone, was good. It made me think about how long I had the class hold a pose, not long, I need to let people sink into poses more. Music will help I think. And just being comfortable in the space will help.

It’s always good to take a new perspective on your work when you can. Even if you don’t have a different style to teach available to you.



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