Teaching Kidz Yoga

I spent the weekend at a kids yoga teaching program for a local non-profit. It’s called Yoga Kidz and they take yoga classes to local elementary schools. These schools have built a yoga class right into their weekly schedule, which is great! The yoga teaches the kids so many great things, plus kids love to move, so why not sneak some great lessons into the fun.

We started off the weekend by learning all about the students we have at that school, many of them coming from poverty how that affects their brain and how we can help. Just 45 minutes a week can help change the formation of their brain and possibly their lives.

Once we learned that, everyone really wanted to learn and was motivated to teach kids yoga. Not that we weren’t before, a bunch of wiggly elementary school-ers are cute.

Whats the best way to learn? Be the kids yourself! So we got to take classes that were geared for kids, playing yoga games, singing yoga songs and doing yoga poses like dragon and superman. After doing 12 hour days in teacher training, this was a walk in the park! (we even spent some time in the park learning)

While the Yoga Kidz program will be providing us with lessons plans each week, we even got to make up our own lesson plan and teach it to everyone at the end of the day.

It was a fun weekend, and I can’t wait to start teaching my class of little second graders!


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