Whats good in Yoga Music?

Everyone takes their class in a different direction, but I’ve found that most classes do use music at some point, even if only in Shavasana. When I started teaching, I didn’t use music, because I really had no idea what to play, and I didn’t want to talk over it or have it be a distraction. But now, I’m using music. The problem is, I have two albums of ‘yoga music’, only one of which I actually like. The other (MC Yogi, recommended to me), I really have to be in the mood for.

I can’t exactly play the kinds of music I listen to outside of class. Learning about yoga, the philosophy, the asana and oh yeah, listening to Motley Crue partying, Disturbed fighting and Luke Bryan talking up a girl. Not exactly the mood I’m going for in class.

One can only listen to one album of Krishna Das so many times in a class. And I can only use ‘Let it Be’ and ‘Hey Jude’ for shavasana so many times. A lot of my students come back weekly, so they’re going to catch on eventually that I really don’t have much music.

So my question(s) to you is :

Do you play music in class? During the whole class, or just parts? What are some songs or artists you like to play in class?


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