Intergrative Yoga Therapy – The first chapter

With only a few days left of 2013, I signed up for a Yoga Therapy home study program. I signed up with Integrative Yoga Therapy. They describe this field as:

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a pioneer and leader in training Yoga professionals who can bring the ancient insights of Yoga into mainstream wellness programs. Our programs are based on a vision of health as a unity of body, mind and spirit. Our experiential approach to learning allows students to integrate in-depth information through a creative process resulting in a unique experience.

The program provides a book for you to work through on your own. You can use it with your own yoga practice to grow and better understand yourself while learning the methods used.

One of my husbands aunts originally introduced me to the idea base on an article she had found on Oprah. Based on that article I knew that I would need additional training to teach in this method. But the information I found sounded exactly like what I always wanted to do with yoga.

After teaching large group classes for a few months, I notice how many people could use just a private lesson or two to simply understand the poses better. I try to help in class, but usually have people in Utkatasana for much longer than planed just helping one person. Or I’ve called Chaturanga and people try staying there or doing multiple while I’m helping someone. Oops!

So the idea of working with someone one on one sounds amazing. And the yoga therapy just ads on that additional knowledge so that you can customize your class to exactly what they need.

For now I choose to work on the Home Study Program. I would really like to get my 500hr or maybe even 1000hr program someday. The home study is much more affordable for me right now though. How many of you have $3000-$6000 just lying around?? I sure don’t!

So this way, I can take my time getting a better idea of what is involved and save my money. I still get to work with a mentor who reviews my work and answers all of my questions.

She’s from a couple hours away from my home town and carries the same name as a good friend of mine, so as Lizz my friend said, “She must be awesome!”

Now I’m off to read my next chapter!