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I believe that yoga can transform the world.I am Ashley King and I am a Yoga Teacher, blogger, artist and animal lover.

I work with yogis of all kinds and write for them as well. New and seasoned yogis welcomed!

I’m here to help you start your practice, grow your practice and live an awesome life, which starts with your personal wellness.

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How I found yoga

Horses and active lifestyle

Up until I went to college, I was an active person. Always riding horses and working in the barn, going for hikes, camping, kayaking, etc. But once I got to college and lived in 1 half of a room in the city (city people would yell at me for calling Charleston a city…) all that stopped.

All of a sudden I found myself sitting my room, sitting in front of the TV, sitting other peoples rooms, in front of other peoples TV, sitting in classes, sitting in front of computer screens. Not much going on there. What should I expect going to school for web design?

At that point, my pieces of my life starting going downhill. A farm girl, stuck in small room in a city, does not equal happiness.

I recently found a notebook that I had in middle school. There were lots of interesting things in there. Apparently I had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe…(or as I wrote it then – Dainal Radclif) It could have been on Harry Potter though. Lines get a bit blurred with movies you love.


Anyhow, one of the pages listed the days of the week and how often I meditated. It could have been how many minutes I meditated too, I can’t tell. If the first is correct, I meditated 1-3 times daily for a week straight. If the later is correct, I meditated 1-3 minutes once a day for a week. How inspiring. Ha!

I believe the reason I started this was after reading a book on inspiring women. It covered several different women and the journeys they took to become mountain climbers, football players, and any other passions they had. In the back of the book it gave exercises for you to make your dreams come true. Even though I forgot about that book until recently, I’ve stayed on much the same path years later. This is the path of finding your true self and making your dreams reality.

Back to the college part of this story, during my time there, I started working at a Halloween shop. It was only open from August to October, but in that short time, changes started happening.

Halloween Shop

Within the first week of the store opening, I was thinking of quitting due to how much back pain I was suffering from. I tried different types of shoes, different shoe inserts, I tried stretching, tried different hours, tried to take more breaks and nothing made it better. I would take meds, which I am normally against, several times a day, I would need to sit down and I would dread the end of lunch break.

I even tried going to a chiropractor. I was able to get a better idea of what was going on. Too many falls off of horses, to many days slouching and not enough exercise. I had what my chiropractor called “Little old lady syndrome”. You know the stereotypical image of a little old lady crossing the street with her walker and her head in front of her (instead of on her shoulders where it should be).

While going to a chiropractor twice a week might have started to straighten my back and curve my neck into place, it wasn’t what I needed. I was left with no energy, a need for more meds and I carried an icepack with me everywhere to put on my back.

I wasn’t myself.

After that job, I continued taking pain meds and bringing icepacks with me. I started spending less time with friends, less time out of bed and more time being miserable. Depression. Not something to mess with.

Minky the cat

Luckily I found an awesome black cat, named Minky. She approved of my husband before I knew who he would be, so she really is pretty awesome.

With her, Minky, and a great book I found (Mind, Body, Mood Solution), I was able to start getting back to normal. I at least spent more time with people.

The book also inspired me to research a bit about yoga. Before I went to a studio, I started doing 15 minutes a day with a book from Tara Stiles.

I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga and that this was something I needed more than just a book for.

With that, I found Charleston Power Yoga. My first class there was a birthday gift to myself. The best gift I could have ever given. They have amazing teachers who have helped me grow and heal mentally and physically over the last few years.

My Life as a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Life

After Teacher Training with Charleston Power Yoga, I quit the job that wasn’t a fit for me, and started teaching. Not right away, but within 6 months.

My schedule changes daily. I never know when I will have a class. Sometimes I know weeks before the class, sometimes I know only a couple hours before. I meet amazing new people, teach people something they never knew about their practice, and learn from each one of them.

And I couldn’t be happier.

The journey is just beginning! As I start to take my next steps into the world of teaching yoga, I will bring you along. Blogging about trainings, classes, inspiration for you, and more!

I want to show you that it’s not just for someone who’s already skinny, healthy and flexible, that yoga is a lifestyle for everyone. It is a way for you to find the best version of yourself, the one that was already there, just waiting to be found.

Whether you want to reduce pain, loose weight, become calmer, or recover from depression, this is your practice! It is your time to shine!


Ashley King