Vegan Cookies


Since I’ve been staying vegan, I’ve been researching and trying out new recipes. I’ve always been a huge fan of cookies, mainly chocolate chip cookies. They are probably the biggest reason that I started this program. Eating tons of badly processed cookies, does not make you feel good.

So when I found this recipe online, I had to try it. When you change your diet this much, you need to find reasons to stay with it. Feeling better is one reason, finding recipes to mimic foods you love is another. Continue reading “Vegan Cookies”

10 Reasons that I came to yoga

When you first started yoga, why did you say you were going? Didn’t want to go to the gym? Friend made you go? Wanted to get ready for beach season?

Personally, I started because my back hurt. I didn’t want to go to a chiropractor, so yoga was the lesser of the two evils. Have someone crack my back, or strengthen my back and heal myself.

After two years of yoga, workshops, and teacher training, I’ve found many more benefits of yoga.

1. Less Physical Pain

I healed my back. I can walk for longer periods of time without pain, my feet aren’t asleep when I get up, and I can sit for longer periods without pain.

Continue reading “10 Reasons that I came to yoga”

Practice to Avoid the Chaos

I practice these observances out of a desire to avoid the chaos that comes of not practicing them and out of a desire to know the truth about myself. — Meditations from the Mat, Day 61 by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison I read this entry in Meditations from the Mat last night. I highlighted this quote as I thought was a good statement. However, … Continue reading Practice to Avoid the Chaos

I’m addicted…

To food that is, or maybe its just the sugars present in most of the foods we consume. Who isn’t addicted to that these days? All those colorful adds telling you how amazing you’ll look and feel after you eat this or drink that. (surprise, you’re actually eat a ton of  sugar!) We are constantly bombarded by colors and questions and positive statements pointing us … Continue reading I’m addicted…