Don’t Think Yoga is For You?

When I tell someone that I do yoga the first response is usually “I could never do that”, “I’m not flexible enough for that”, “I don’t have any balance for that”, etc. Yoga isn’t about all of those things. At least not at first, over time however, you will gain all of that and more. When you first started playing an instrument, your first home … Continue reading Don’t Think Yoga is For You?

Using Oil to Wash My Face

I’ve tried many different products fro my face. From chemical filled to simple and organic. I found that organic worked the best, but that is so expensive when you can only find it in a health food store and sometimes it left my skin really dry. Recently I was searching around MindBodyGreen and found this recipe. It’s so simple. Two to three ingredients depending on … Continue reading Using Oil to Wash My Face