Teaching My First Classes

Got my first teaching job a couple weeks ago. It was amazing! I hadn’t been teaching for a while, continuing to think that I needed more practice before actually teaching real people. I had a plan to keep teaching coworkers in my kitchen….

Not happening. I hadn’t taught anyone since training.

I just needed to go out and jump right in. So I found a Craigslist add looking for a yoga teacher, wrote my resume and 2 days later walked into the gym asking for a job. The man told me to come back later that day and do a trial class. Even with a bit of nerves and some other teachers in the running,  the job was mine by the end of the day! Continue reading “Teaching My First Classes”


Teacher Training: Week Seven, the final week

There have been some amazing experiences throughout the seven weeks, but nothing would have prepared me for the last weekend. I would never have imagined that I would have come this far or changed so much. I don’t really mean change, I’m not a new person, I am just a new version of me. Ashley 2.0. The me that was always there, just not in … Continue reading Teacher Training: Week Seven, the final week

Teacher Training : Week six

When you start yoga you may think that you know why you started. For me it was to get rid of back pain. But in the last two years, I’ve gained so much more than a good back. And that’s why I came to yoga. I just didn’t know it yet.

You don’t need all the answers today, you don’t even need them tomorrow. They will find you, when you’re ready to listen, to understand and to accept them for what they are. Continue reading “Teacher Training : Week six”

Baron Baptiste All Day Immersion Day!

An entire day with Baron, how awesome is that! Learning from the founder of Power Yoga. For me the morning was a battle. I was constantly fighting against what he was saying, which happened to be about giving up the fight against growing. It didn’t help that my wrists were sore and I couldn’t figure out how to make them feel better. The last part … Continue reading Baron Baptiste All Day Immersion Day!

Volunteer Night at the Hope Lodge

The other night my fellow teacher trainees and I cooked dinner at the local hope lodge. Hope lodge is a place for cancer patients to stay while going through chemo treatments. Who wants to drive 40+ miles to see the doctor everyday?? I know I don’t. And someone going through chemo certainly does not want to be doing that all the time. So Hope Lodge … Continue reading Volunteer Night at the Hope Lodge

Teacher Training: Week Three

Its amazing what happens when you are so tired you just don’t fight. I found that out this weekend. I was exhausted, worn out, stiff, sore and just wanted to sleep. But guess what? 5:00pm, Sunday night, power vinyasa, 75 minutes. I felt pretty awesome afterward. I was more awake, calmer, less stiff, and managed to stay awake through an entire movie after it all! … Continue reading Teacher Training: Week Three