blocks are friends

Blocks are Friends not Enemies

Blocks seem to be quite misunderstood. I walk around in classes that I teach seeing people with just 1 fingertip on the ground, wobbling back and forth, or hunched over just to try to hold the pose without a block. Why make yourself struggle so much? If only your finger tips reach the ground, you’re not really getting into the pose. That’s OK that you … Continue reading Blocks are Friends not Enemies

Private Yoga Lessons!

I am now offering private lessons! Yay! Lessons will be held at either Eco Fitness Location. Either downtown or in Mt. Pleasant. Downtown 69 Wentworth Street Charleston, SC 29401 Mount Pleasant 627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 You can choose to have a half hour class, or full hour lesson. Eco fitness also provides several different packages of multiple lessons. We will work … Continue reading Private Yoga Lessons!

Holding back, no longer

I’ve been holding back, thinking that the gym-goers wouldn’t want to go to yoga if there was ‘OMing’ involved or anything mildly spiritual. But somethings my teacher said Saturday, really hit home. Not doing those parts of class is like lying, or hiding part of yourself and part of the practice. Those are the things that make yoga yoga, and not just come crazy jumping … Continue reading Holding back, no longer

Teaching Kidz Yoga

I spent the weekend at a kids yoga teaching program for a local non-profit. It’s called Yoga Kidz and they take yoga classes to local elementary schools. These schools have built a yoga class right into their weekly schedule, which is great! The yoga teaches the kids so many great things, plus kids love to move, so why not sneak some great lessons into the … Continue reading Teaching Kidz Yoga

I’ve completed the training, gotten a job, now what?

Teacher training is over, but the journey is just beginning.

Journey. Such a scary word when I am about to quit my job!

I got the job teaching 1 class a week at a gym, that was easy. I walked right in and said “I’m a yoga teacher.” No problem. It’s been harder to actually bring in the people and get regulars. I’ve had coworkers show up, and a friend or two show up. Which is great! It can sometimes be hard to teach friends and be serious about it, yoga by no means has to be serious, but when you’re with friends, you usually end up falling on the floor in a fit of giggles.

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