Igniting your Inspiration…again: Part 2 – Web Design

I actually really like designing, but I haven’t finished a web site in a while. Like the paintings, I tinker around until I’m not sure where to go next. Then it just sits…. for quite a while. Like the new layout for this blog that I had started to design a while ago. I still don’t have my own layout, which seems a bit silly … Continue reading Igniting your Inspiration…again: Part 2 – Web Design

Collection of Paintings

Igniting your Inspiration…again: Part 1 – Painting

1. Stormy Skies; 2. Lonely Ride; 3. Pink Skies; 4. Painted Desert

I have always loved art, and just loved doing things. There is always something that I’m working on here and there to keep me busy. After going to an art school, for web design, nothing to do with painting, I started to enjoy painting. While at school, I didn’t really know why I had to take painting and drawing classes to build a web site. Now I’m grateful for those classes.

Since I always have something going on, something always gets neglected in the corner to collect the local dust bunnies.

Lately, that has been my paintings, 2 in the closet, 1 in a art bag, 1 on the easel.

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Speak with conviction, to say what you believe

I implore you, I entreat you, and I challenge you, to speak with conviction, to say what you believe, in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it. A coworker sent this video around to everyone today. It’s from years ago, but it reminded me of teacher training and certainly still applies today. When you’re teaching, you need conviction. People need to … Continue reading Speak with conviction, to say what you believe