Be the Crane

Don’t just do Crane pose. Be the Crane. This was a quote from my first Jivamukti class I took Saturday morning. I started doing power yoga over two years ago. I was drawn into it because unlike the other websites for studios, it didn’t mention any deities, mantras, or ways of being. It simply was about flowing, sweating and having a good time. The other … Continue reading Be the Crane


Out of your element

I got hired at another local gym Thursday. Today was my first day teaching, filling in for someone else. The class was a basic Ashtanga class. Not my element. My third Ashtanga class is the one I’m teaching! I got to class early to learn the sequence. While the poses may be the same or similar to the power yoga sequence, the order is different. … Continue reading Out of your element


Who am I?

Simple enough question. Right? Wrong.

Yesterday I had a class scheduled for 2:30pm. No one showed up. Here’s what went through my head. Well it may not have gone exactly like this minute for minute, but you get the idea.

2:20pm – I’ve got an awesome sequence planed. Can’t wait!

2:25pm – Why isn’t anyone here yet?

2:30pm – I guess no ones coming. I’ll stay a little while.

Continue reading “Who am I?”


Teacher Training: Week Seven, the final week

There have been some amazing experiences throughout the seven weeks, but nothing would have prepared me for the last weekend. I would never have imagined that I would have come this far or changed so much. I don’t really mean change, I’m not a new person, I am just a new version of me. Ashley 2.0. The me that was always there, just not in … Continue reading Teacher Training: Week Seven, the final week


Teacher Training : Week Four

You know you love what you’re doing when you are sore and tired but keep on doing it anyway with a smile on you’re face. The last couple of weeks have been difficult. At some point during most things I do, I find myself giving up. Telling myself things like, “you suck”, “why should I bother?” and “I’ll never be good at this.” So I … Continue reading Teacher Training : Week Four