Why I’m making New Years Goals, not Resolutions

This year, I am not making resolutions. I am setting goals. Why? When I think of resolutions that are popular, I think of things like exercise more, eat healthy, save money, get organized, etc. Then I think of how often someone actually accomplishes those goals, and keeps up with them. They last maybe a week, a month? Not very long. You hear plenty of these … Continue reading Why I’m making New Years Goals, not Resolutions

happy new year!

I took a yoga class yesterday morning to get ready for the new year (and because my 2-month pass was running out yesterday) and the teacher said something during shavasana I thought was really great. She talked about how everyone always waits for this day to start over, or make ‘resolutions’ because its a new year. But you really don’t have to wait until January … Continue reading happy new year!