The Case of the Killer Sugar

For a week and a half I haven’t had any refined cane sugar. I’ve had agave, maple syrup, and regular sweet fruit. But nothing more. I wanted to get over my sugar cravings that I had while I was working all the time. And going vegan did that, but the killer sugar made sure of it. After Tuesday night, I don’t want to see sugar … Continue reading The Case of the Killer Sugar


Vegan Cookies


Since I’ve been staying vegan, I’ve been researching and trying out new recipes. I’ve always been a huge fan of cookies, mainly chocolate chip cookies. They are probably the biggest reason that I started this program. Eating tons of badly processed cookies, does not make you feel good.

So when I found this recipe online, I had to try it. When you change your diet this much, you need to find reasons to stay with it. Feeling better is one reason, finding recipes to mimic foods you love is another. Continue reading “Vegan Cookies”

Going Vegan for 2 weeks

Last Thursday, I met with a local vegan coach, Cortney. I had gone vegetarian before, but since then I’ve gone back to many of my old ways. Back then, I really didn’t have any idea how to not eat meat. Instead of the usual question of “Where do you get your protein?” it was “You’re a vegetarian, who doesn’t like vegetables?” I didn’t eat meat, … Continue reading Going Vegan for 2 weeks