Private Yoga Lessons!

I am now offering private lessons! Yay! Lessons will be held at either Eco Fitness Location. Either downtown or in Mt. Pleasant. Downtown 69 Wentworth Street Charleston, SC 29401 Mount Pleasant 627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 You can choose to have a half hour class, or full hour lesson. Eco fitness also provides several different packages of multiple lessons. We will work … Continue reading Private Yoga Lessons!

Holding back, no longer

I’ve been holding back, thinking that the gym-goers wouldn’t want to go to yoga if there was ‘OMing’ involved or anything mildly spiritual. But somethings my teacher said Saturday, really hit home. Not doing those parts of class is like lying, or hiding part of yourself and part of the practice. Those are the things that make yoga yoga, and not just come crazy jumping … Continue reading Holding back, no longer

What happened to relaxed?

“Half Pigeon” calls the teacher towards the end of class.

Cue the fidgeting, the to-do list and the ‘oh no’s’.

Lets just say half pigeon isn’t my favorite place to be. Recently it has gotten better for me, but still, not a pose I love.

This morning I went to a yoga class and the class went great. (I even did pigeon on both sides, yay!) After class was a different story. The main way to get  to class had had heavy traffic for hours and everyone on the radio was giving out a different way to get out of town. So naturally, that’s the way I took. No one wants to sit in traffic. Much to my dislike, the detour was just as bad, if not worse.

Continue reading “What happened to relaxed?”

Teaching My First Classes

Got my first teaching job a couple weeks ago. It was amazing! I hadn’t been teaching for a while, continuing to think that I needed more practice before actually teaching real people. I had a plan to keep teaching coworkers in my kitchen….

Not happening. I hadn’t taught anyone since training.

I just needed to go out and jump right in. So I found a Craigslist add looking for a yoga teacher, wrote my resume and 2 days later walked into the gym asking for a job. The man told me to come back later that day and do a trial class. Even with a bit of nerves and some other teachers in the running,  the job was mine by the end of the day! Continue reading “Teaching My First Classes”

Turning Fear into Fearlessness

Remember the roadrunner and coyote cartoons growing up? If you don’t, you should totally watch it. Well the roadrunner described me when it came time for someone to try and hug me (except that the roadrunner was just having fun, I was not). I was outta there! BeepBeep! Leaving them trying to grab a cloud of smoke. Ok maybe that was not always me. At … Continue reading Turning Fear into Fearlessness

happy new year!

I took a yoga class yesterday morning to get ready for the new year (and because my 2-month pass was running out yesterday) and the teacher said something during shavasana I thought was really great. She talked about how everyone always waits for this day to start over, or make ‘resolutions’ because its a new year. But you really don’t have to wait until January … Continue reading happy new year!