Getting Feedback

Throughout the job I’ve had for the last 2 years, and even during teacher training, feedback has been a bit of a disliked term for me.

In work it usually meant that something went wrong, all it was was “Good Job” or it came from a client I couldn’t remember working with. None of which left me feeling great about the word Feedback.

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I’ve completed the training, gotten a job, now what?

Teacher training is over, but the journey is just beginning.

Journey. Such a scary word when I am about to quit my job!

I got the job teaching 1 class a week at a gym, that was easy. I walked right in and said “I’m a yoga teacher.” No problem. It’s been harder to actually bring in the people and get regulars. I’ve had coworkers show up, and a friend or two show up. Which is great! It can sometimes be hard to teach friends and be serious about it, yoga by no means has to be serious, but when you’re with friends, you usually end up falling on the floor in a fit of giggles.

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Trying Something New: Part 2

Friday I went Paddle Boarding for the first time! It was an amazing experience. Just like my first power yoga class, its one of those things where I’m hooked. I can’t wait to go again. Since it is a slightly more expensive class to go to, I probably won’t be going as often as I did when I started yoga classes, but still, I know I’ll be out there again, its just a matter of when.

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Trying Something New: Part 1

Today, I will be trying paddle boarding for the first time! As if that wasn’t going to be challenging enough, I’ll be trying some yoga on the board as well.

Just thinking about it right now, makes my heart beat faster. I know that a paddle board is wider and thicker than a surf board, making it more stable. The only thing is that my swimming skills are not that great. I can survive when needed, but I generally don’t go swimming for fun. The idea of falling off the board unexpectedly is terrifying.

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Field Trip to Smithsonian?

Has anyone heard about this exhibit yet? A coworker showed this to me the other day. Being a yogi and an art enthusiast, this was a great discovery. They have collected art from all over the world depicting the transformation of yoga. They also plan to have classes taught and other activities through the duration of the event. I’m excited for it to open and … Continue reading Field Trip to Smithsonian?

To Go To school or Not To Go To School

That is the question.

I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of going back to school or not, several times. It always comes back to the question of is this what I actually what I want to do? Or would I just be spending money, senselessly for another degree that won’t be used for my main income. Is it really because that’s what I want to do for work, or because I just like learning new things and can’t seem to find a job doing what I really love.
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Charlestons a great place for yoga

A coworker of mine showed me this article after a long discussion of yoga. It’s true, there are alot of styles of yoga. Ive been to several different studios around the city and they offer all kinds of classes. I’ve run into teachers and practitioners all over who tell me about a class they have taken. I think this is a great article about the … Continue reading Charlestons a great place for yoga